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One of my favourite salads. Green Papaya, Plum, Chili and radish. #raw #veggie #goodfood

October 15, 2013 by orgasmonaplate

#Spicy at its best. This is how we #Brazilians add a bit (or a lot) of spice to our food, it’s a mix of three kinds of chillies marinated in olive oil,sunflower oil, herbs garlic and shallots, I love this because it doesn’t just have a hell of a kick to it but also has lots of #yummy flavours to it. I dare any of you to say this ain’t spicy enough. Perfect to add to Burritos, chips, white rice or anything really! #foodporn #chilli #project365jeikat #momcooksthebestfood

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Unintentionally left my pitta bread in the oven more than I should.. The result? crispy pitta topped with spicy honey chicken. Yummm #project365jeikat @katmandula

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Can’t wait to eat this while watching some Dowtown Abbey. It’s a stir-fry potato and courgette #salad with fresh chopped toms and heavenly fresh basil. Very easy, and also #vegetarian friendly.

June 14, 2013 by orgasmonaplate

One of my ultimate favourites. Roast Squash,rocket and Manchego Cheese Salad topped with Raspberry Balsamico. Machego could be replaced by some shaved Parmesan Cheese and would still be very yummy! #project365jeikat #pic72 @katmandula #salad #healthy #vegetarian #yummy

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Why do people call red-cabbage “red” if it’s actually purple? … English its a language weird. #project365jeikat #pic61 @katmandula #cabbage #cooking

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Look away vegetarians!! Arrested development marathon food. Perfectly soft pulled pork with red cabbage coleslaw and fries. #dinner #arresteddevelopment #series #foodporn #pulledpork #chips

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I’ve decided to put everything that tasted tangy on my cupboard+pork ribs inside a pressure cooker and have my first try at making pulled pork. (finger crossed) #dinner #bbq #cooking #foodporn

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Tuna,beetroot and chickpea salad. #salad #chickpea #lunch #healthy ?

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I’m a compulsive buyer, there you go I said it, but I would like to think myself as a special kind, some people buy shoes when they feel frustrated , other buy clothes, in my case I buy ingredients ..Nothing makes me forget a bad day like a bag full of groceries, I might not know what I’m going…

As I was reading some of my past blog’s posts, I found this delicious recipe so thought it had to have a much deserved re-post. A bit tricky to prepare but completely worth it. Enjoy! Jx